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Step IN To Your Self Confidence

Confidence is a jigsaw puzzle and is made up of a lot of different pieces. When these areas are all working together, it doesn’t matter if one goes a little off track for a short period of time.

However, you must feed your mind and make conscious choices about how you direct your thoughts and where to spend your valuable energy and focus. Otherwise, before you know it, the demands, negativity and inevitable distractions of the day will take over.

To do this effectively, you need to focus on the areas you feel need improvement and learn the strategies to make a difference in your life. Just taking action will create momentum and produce results.

Glenise's Self Confident Women program takes you through 12 area's of confidence and in this session she will walk you through the Confidence module covering the 5 phases you can implement to tackle any situation with pure confidence.

Get ready to Step IN To Your Confidence!



Power of Personal Presence and Self-Awareness

Creating a Powerful Presence starts with Self- Awareness and goes deeper than how you look. Your Presence is aligned with your values, confidence, how you see yourself and what your dreams and aspirations are.

Through self-awareness you have the capacity to stand apart from yourself and examine your thinking, your motives, your history, your scripts, your actions and your habits and tendencies which enable you to work towards the things you need to future-proof your career.

In this session Ondina looks at Personal Presence and Self-Awareness through communication and provides a tool to work through to understand your Personal Presence.



Magnify Your Personal Brand

Since the age of 6 right through to motherhood, Zahrina has created magnetic opportunities for herself that have been born from understanding the pain-points of harnessing her own personal brand. By using a small handful of highly potent brand strategies she is now a highly sought after leading international brand photographer and videographer, author, media personality and business brand strategist.

In Zahrina’s session with us, she will share the same personal branding strategies she uses, so that you can implement them and become the trusted ‘go-to’ expert. She will also reveal easy ways to revamp or enhance your personal brand and strategies that will help you future-proof your magnetic career because you are only one photo away from global success!



Promote Yourself With Confidence

In Promote Yourself With Confidence, Michelle will focus on how to package your experience, skills and passions into an elevator pitch.

She will also focus on how you can stop downplaying your strengths and experience, and learn how to sell your skills without feeling icky about it.

These skills are a MUST for you to future-proof your career so that everyone can see that you are more than your job title.



Writing a Winning Resume

Lisa Mahar will present a unique perspective of what a winning resume that generates interest and interviews looks like.

As a leader in resume writing and job coaching, Meritude Career Services, writes hundreds of resumes annually that generate interviews! Lisa and her team know what excites and intrigues hiring managers and HR departments as they've sifted through thousands of resumes. Leveraging her success in both coaching and resume writing, Lisa will share the fundamental things you must include to get your resume to the top of the list! In this session, you will learn…

  • What makes a resume interview worthy
  • The most successful way to format and tailor your resume
  • How Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) affect the delivery of your resume
  • Other valuable writing tips to keep in mind



LinkedIn Basics for You and Your Boss

This session is designed to get you comfortable and confident in using LinkedIn.  As a valued associate and career professional LinkedIn it is an important tool for you personally and for your boss.  Understanding how it works will be invaluable for your bosses as they can trust that you are on board with the biggest professional platform in the world.

Throughout the session Sue will cover 7 main areas with lots of little secret squirrel tips throughout.

  1. What is LinkedIn –Who Uses it, Why they use it and the benefits to you of using it
  2. Users and Marketing Statistics
  3. How to Create a Great Profile
  4. How to Build Networks
  5. Company Pages
  6. The 3 Core Pillars to get Results
  7. Subscriptions and Videos



Make Your Mark: Career Profile Tips

I am sure you will agree that applying for jobs can certainly feel like a monotonous task when you're red hot on the market for a new job. Along with ensuring that your online presence and credentials match your CV there are still two things that will help you to get another foot in the door.

In this session,  Anna and Monica talk about how you can write a darn good cover letter and how to interview well. They talk about the things you need to add to your cover letter, how to structure it and what to do and what NOT to do when you are at an interview.



What it takes to be a great VA

Ever thought you could set yourself up as a Virtual Assistant?

You've got so many skills from your years as a PA/EA and you're sure you could really make a VA business soar. But is it enough?

What does it really take to be a great VA?

Rosie Shilo shares her insights from years of VA work and VA leadership so you can know for sure whether being a VA is right for you - and how to get started.



Getting the Edge: How to Build Service Excellence into Your EA, PA or VA Career

In this session with Ingrid, she talks about five key attitudes that go into providing the support you need to have to future-proof your career as an EA/PA or VA.

• Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
• The Importance of a Business Mindset
• Key Characteristics of a Client Focused EA, PA or VA
• The Importance of Lifelong Learning
• Time Management



Courageous Conversations

Do you cringe at the thought of confrontation, shy away from speaking up when you know you can help, want to be a better negotiator or want ask for a well-deserved pay rise but don't know how?

In our interview with Linda Murray, we talk about how to approach and navigate hard to have conversations so that you can be more courageous and achieve the outcomes you want.



How to Be a Memorable Speaker & Strong Communicator

Whether you are on stage presenting, in a meeting sharing your ideas, presenting to colleagues or communicating with more than two people you are presenting.

In Monica's never seen before five part mini series, Monica talks about five keys areas and tips to focus on when your speaking.

The beauty of these tips is that they work in any scenario!



What I Wish I Knew about Business, Success and Life

On the way to creating his 12 (and counting) books in the bestselling What I Wish I Knew series, Marty has interviewed over 1000 inspirational people from around the globe on how to do business, and life, well. From footy coach Wayne Bennett to a Buddhist Nun who works with prisoners on death row in L.A., from Comic Anh Do to a mother of eleven children, from a 911 survivor to chef Maggie Beer.

In this full recording of his live program, he distills all that wisdom down, adds in his own scientific research, and delivers the result interwoven with laugh-out-loud stories as only a former Australian Comic of the Year could.



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